Monday, January 10, 2011

Hobakjuk: Butternut squash porridge!

Tonight I made Hobakjuk.  Your right I found the recipe at (this will bring you to the right place).  I picked it because I love Butternut squash . . . squash in general really.  Plus, I had everything (but the squash) already in my house! I keep sweet rice flour (mochiko) in the the house, but if you don't you'll need to go buy some.

I found Maangchi's video to be very helpful:

I followed the recipe pretty closely.  It was super easy though it did take a bit to make.  I used a 3 small squashes and when it came time to boil the squash in the water the second time I used only 4 cups of water.  I also topped the porridge with cinnamon when serving (which was a good touch).

No cling wrap? Use a ziplock!

I'm not lazy so I made small ones . . .

Aren't they cute!

All set to go . . .

Look at that yummy soup . . .

Topped and ready to eat

A mochi in every bite!
In the end I found the porridge to be delicious.  I may put a bit more sugar in it next time and maybe a bit more spice.  The rice balls really made it.  The texture was much like gnocchi.  I might try mochi balls in some other soups.  This is a fantastic recipe and worth trying.

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  1. This makes a lot of soup so I froze half of it when I made it. I just unfroze it and heated it through on the stove. Plus, I added some curry. The result was amazing. It was good the first time, but great the second. It want just the addition of the curry, I think it was third cooking of the squash that did it!