Sunday, January 9, 2011

Holiday Travel

I am back in Edmonton after a harrowing trip . . . again.  Plane one had a malfunctioning sensor so they had to restart the plane.  The pilot made up the time in the air so yay! 

Then I have a nice little layover and get on the next plane.  We are all sitting around and the time to go comes and goes and I realize the door to the cockpit is still open.  Not a good sign.  After about 15 minutes we get an announcement from the captain.  The sensor on the lavatory isn't working . . . when they drained the take the sensor said it was filling up . . . so we had to wait while some poor mechanic visually checked that the tank was empty . . . so I get delayed an hour and a forty minutes . . .

My plan touches down at 2:05 when my next plan started boarding at 1:50.  I take off across the airport.  All the way across.  Three trams later I was at my gate, which was still boarding. Yay!  So, the trip back was a bit of an ordeal.  I did have my bags when I arrived thought so that was amazing!

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