Wednesday, February 2, 2011

JDrama: Yukan Club

Another of my favorite Jdramas is Yukan Club.  Its a fun high school drama and an adventure story.  Whats not to like about that?  It is a bit formulaic, though it some how works for the 10 episodes it plays at.  The story is that there are these 6 super rich and talented high school students that are super super bored.  So . . . they start meddling in mysteries.

The whole gang: Yuki is on the far left and Miroku is seated.
The characters are interesting, in particular Shochikubai Miroku and Kenbishi Yuri.  Hakushika Noriko grew on me by the end as well.  The chemistry between the 6 leads it what makes the show.  They are really quite good together.  I wish the relationships would have developed a bit more . . . I've learned to accept this in Jdramas, however.  Overall, its great. Try it for fun.

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