Sunday, March 27, 2011

The Movie List(s): Part 2

Movie lists part two!  Here are some more great movies listed by even more genres.  I prefer lists of this kind, so that is what you get.  I do love lists, yay!

Top 20 Comedies:

I don't love traditional and stupid comedies.  I like silly, creepy, and interesting.

20. Evolution- very silly, but still pretty smart. 
Ya, the make 7up yours guy is in it!

19. 8 Heads in a Duffel Bag- super weird, but still funny.

18. Kuffs- an 80s classic. 
I love Christian Slater

17. Get Smart - I really liked it and I don't usually Steve Carell comedies.
Just silly.

16. The Matador - Odd but awesome.
Kinnear and Brosnan are great together.

15. Miss Pettigrew Lives For a Day - adorably funny.
The whole cast is great, but France McDormand is amazing.

14. Enchanted - ridiculous spoof on Disney movie model.
Be warned there is singing involved.

13. Pirates of the Caribbean - swashbuckling fun.
Oh, Jack Sparrow.

12. My Left Eye Sees Ghosts - and odd concept, but so good.
Worth the subtitles.

11. Run Fat Boy Run - the man child has to grow up sometime.
Simon Pegg is the best.

10. Twins - funny and a ridiculous plot.
weird genetics

9. Galaxy Quest- a great star trek spoof.  It probably helps to know some star trek.
It is just all great.

8. Kinky Boots - A great comedy with boots and cross-dressers.
Save the boot shop.

7. Harold and Maud - kind of morbid and awesome
Harold may be trying to kill himself . . .

6. Charlie and the Chocolate Factory (new) - so creepy and hilarious.  Better than the original, which I never really cared for.  Creepy to me makes it more like the book.
so creepy

5. Juno - hilarious teen pregnancy
I'm pregnant what other shenanigans can I get into

4. Dummy - awkward funny
the actual dummy is creepy

3. Shaun of the Dead - Zombies are funny, too.
More Simon Pegg and this tie with Nick Frost!

2. Harvey - funny invisible bunnies.
Jimmy Stewart is awesome.

1. Monty Python and the Holy Grail - I quote it all the time . . . .
I'm not dead yet

Top 20 Dramas:

As a whole dramas are not my favorite, but sometimes they are great.  There are different types here, but they all have heart.

20. As Good as It Gets - good drama is often also funny.
Jack at his best.

19. Suicide Kings - Kidnapping Christopher Walken is a bad idea.
look at all that duct tape

18. The Usual Suspects- a very complicated movie and pretty stressful.  If you haven't seen it someone probably told you the ending already.  Sorry.
Now that's a great line up

17. To Kill a Mocking Bird - A classic and a good version of the book.
Everything about Gregory Peck is good

16. Good Will Hunting - awesome despite or because of the Boston accents.
The oscars are never wrong, right?

15. Schindler's List - a brutal and uplifting Holocaust story.
the black and white really sells it

14. Sling Blade - a odd quite story about love . . . kind of.

13. Invincible - an inspiration sports movie.
Just makes me feel good

12. The Station Agent - a touching and odd story.
Life is funny

11. Mr. Smith Goes to Washington - another jimmy steward classic.

10. Little Miss Sunshine - quirky look at the importance of family.

Every character is brilliant
9. Stand and Deliver - teaching troubled inner city youth may be a movie cliche now, but this one is based on a true story and started the trend.
Sometimes people give you what you expect from them

8. Stranger than Fiction - quirky and existential and perfect
Will Ferrell is actually delightful in this

7. Stand by Me - a drama about growing up.

6. Heart and Souls - sometimes you have to die to learn how to love.
I'm so happy he's having a come back!

5. The Departed - I usually do do gangster movies.  This is an exception.

4. Amilie - a true romdramedy. perfect.
Beautiful too.

3. The Shawshank Redemption - an unfortunate name, but fantastic.
The leads have great chemistry together

2. Conspiracy Theory - this movie really got broken people.
Mel really is the best crier.

1. Life is Beautiful- Perfect.  That's all I can say.  Perfectly beautiful and touching.
I don't know if I've ever been so happy and sad at the same time before.

Top 20 Westerns:

20. Dances With Wolves - kind of long, but a modern classic.
Yes there are wolves in it.

19. Once Upon A Time In the West - a fun one.
It's legit Henry Fonda is in it.

18. Young Guns- trendy and filled with cute 80s stars.
Lou Diamond Phillips was always a favorite.

17. Open Range - Kevin Cosner knows what he is doing.
Look at all those guns, must be good.

16. The Quick and the Dead - a bit quirky and good.
Yes a lady with a gun in a western.

15. Wyatt Earp - I love the story of Wyatt Earp and this one is very well done.
Two guns means he is cooler than you.

14. Unforgiven - dark western drama.
Clint hides his gun.

13. A Fist Full of Dollars - Spaghetti Westerns are a must (if you don't know what that means google it)
now that's a hat

12. Support Your Local Sheriff- Fun and ridiculous.
campy fun.

11. Maverick - funny and great.
Look a lady made the cover!

10. The Good the Bad and the Ugly - classic. mostly silent and violent. (great score too)
I love Clint's squinty eyes.

9. Seven Ways from Sundown - Hard to come by but worth it.  One of Audie Murphy's darker movies.
the poster does not help sell the movie . . .

8. Quiggly Down Under - Australian western and its great!
Now that is a gun . . . and a mustache!

7. Two Mules for Sister Sara - another Clint classic.
The nun is what makes it great.

6. The Cowboys - A great movie about growing up.
Still with the big gun.

5. Magnificent 7 - Based on 7 Samurai with a bonus of Yule Brenner.
Riding your horses side by side is a MUST.

4. Silverado - Modern, silly and I love it.
A variety of guns.

3. The Sons of Katie Elder - funny plus you get Dean Martin!
sometimes standing in a line works too.

2. True Grit (new) - I want to read the book now as this is a way more awesome story then the original.
Even with one eye he can shoot straightish

1. Tombstone - May favorite telling of the Wyatt Earp story. Val Kilmer is the best Doc Holiday, my favorite old west guy.
Walking abreast, guns, and fancy mustaches!  See why is my favorite.

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