Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Today I used the FORCE!

So, Today I used the FORCE!  No Really, I did.

I'm a physical anthropologist and that means I'm kind of a scientist.  I like to think of myself as SciencePlus (science + culture).  Normally, my science doesn't feel very sciency. I use chemical etc.  But, it doesn't have a lot a visual effects.  Today, I was weighing my samples in Zoology and got to play with fancy equipment in a room filled with machines that I don't know what they do.  But, the fancy scale I used is controlled by waving your arms over certain censors.

You can Tare and open the doors and everything.  It never good old.  Its always fun to control things with a wave of your hand!  Don't believe me?


  1. Cooool! A friend of mine just got a Lego elephant (from planet Hoth, you know the ones?) and I got the urge to see episodes IV, V and VI all over again, like I hadn't done in years.

    I think I liked them even more this time. They're very close to the perfect story-telling.

  2. I haven't re-watched in awhile. I burned by self out a bit in college as they were my stand by when I had boring work to get done, but wanted to listen to something.

    Also, I did feel pretty cool.