Sunday, April 17, 2011

T&T Adventure

This is my first full day back from my conference. I'm exhausted. But, it was great. It is always nice to have your work appreciated and people tell you your brilliant. That is not really what this post is about though. This is about fun T&T bakery food. The bakery is just one of the many things I love about the T&T.
I love the T&T bakery as its very reasonably priced and I only really know what about 80% of the stuff is (and that is higher than what most non-Asian people can do as I'm slightly obsessed with Asian baked goods). I love how the savory stuff is always a bit sweet and the sweets aren't really that sweet. Usually I limit how much new stuff I buy here as I would go crazy and buy one of everything. I ended up getting a few things for my dinner as it got late after I didn't my mall shopping.
Cute Asian style cakes
I got a Beef Teriyaki Bun and a Green Bean Bun for dinner . . . though apparently Green Bean Buns are sweet. Both were delicious. Particularly the beef bun - every bit as good as a pork bun.
The beef is marked by the nori.
 I got an individual serving Japanese Cheesecake for dessert as well.  So, I had two desserts . . . I didn't know though that is just the chance you take when you buy stuff and you don't know what it is.
 First, japanese cheesecake is not like cheesecake as it is much more like cake and has little to do with cheese.  It is a really nice fine textured sponge cake if you ask me. Ingredients are as follows: four, egg white, egg yolk, sugar, veg oil, cheese plaster, salt, leavening agent.  So, you can see why it doesn't taste like cheese.  It tastes like really rich vanilla cake. Yum . . . but not cheesecake,  Boo. 
image with cheese
 Also, cheese plaster frightens me.  Cheese should not be used for medicinal purposes or for smoothing holes in walls.


  1. I wonder why they call it cheesecake?? Glad your meetings/conference went well.

  2. There is cheese in it . . . and it is just a very different taste and texture market I think . . .