Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Book Challenge Update: Five Odd Honors

I finished a book for the One, Two, Theme! Challenge and of course the Series ChallengeFive Odd Honors by Jane Lindskold is for the Mah-jongg challenge in particular.  (In a bit of crossover blogging I bought and read it on my new Kindle, which was a very nice experience). This gives me two of the tree books I need for this level of the challenge.  Overall, this challenge is going pretty well!

Five Odd Honors is the third book in the Breaking the Wall series, which I love love love.  To say I was excited to read this book would be an understatement.  It is a great series, start at the beginning.  I'm going to review it, but not say much about the plot as well if you haven't read any of it yet it is very very spoilery.  The series is Urban fantasy (don't worry not the glittery vampire and angsty girl kind).  It is about a group of magical people who's cool form of chinese type magic is linked to the chinese zodiac.  And Mah-jongg was created to help them remember and write spells.  These people's ancestors were exiles and they are trying to get back/make piece with the lands they came from.

As I mentioned I loved the first two books.  While I liked this book, I was a touch disappointing.  The characters were all scattered about and doing their own thing . . . what I like about the characters (well, what I like the most) is how they interact with each other.  So, I found this disappointing.  Particularly because the characters who's interactions are the more fun to read were not together.  Not a lot of deep character stuff happened, which also disappointed me.  The action was good and it was way more gory and violent then the previous books (not actually a problem for me). In essence it was good, but not great.  The first two are great (in my opinion).  The book felt a lot like a place holder.  Away to finish up the first series (3 book) story arch and then move to the next arch.  I hate that.

The result.  I'm desperately waiting to see when (if?) the next book comes out.  I have faith.  I love the series.  It can recover from this, my not so favorite book.  Jane Linskold tends toward the long series or the stand alone.  So, I'm hoping for another.

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