Monday, May 23, 2011

JDrama: DragonSakura!

I got this drama based on a rating I saw on a JDrama blog.  It sounded like something I might like, so I got it.

DragonSukura:  A lawyer is called in the handle the bankruptcy closing of a high school with a terrible reputation - the students are all idiots.  The lawyer who overcame a past as a delinquent idiot in a motorbike gang is inspired to save the school rather than close it . . . by getting 5 idiots into Tokyo University (the most prestigious uni in Japan).

I realize that summary makes it sound like a typical high school drama.  However, it really isn't.  First, all the characters are pretty competent.  Even the idiots.  Particularly, Sakuragi Kenji (played excellently by Abe Hiroshi) or tough and cold lawyer.  I must say it was nice to have a main character that is completely competent and who's plans while ambitious are neither stupid or half-baked.  To me the character of Sakuragi Kenji makes the drama worth watching by himself.  Abe Hiroshi is really terrific in this.  The other characters are great too.  Including all of the students, who were all really well portrayed by their respected actors (many will know Yamashita Tomohisa - Nobuta wo Produce and Koike Teppei- Ohitorisama 1. because they are both quite popular with the girls and 2. I've reviewed other Jdramas with them in it).

So, I liked the characters. But, the story was also great.  You'd think a show that mostly deals with studying would be super boring, but it wasn't.  I felt very engaged and excited to watch the next show.  It was just really nicely paced . . . right up to the end that is.  The end was a bit lacking for me.  I often feel the ends could be pushed a little further in dramas though, so I don't let that get to me much anymore.

I really liked this one.  If you like kind of different dramas with pretty much no angst and really no romance (it is hinted at, but never ever dealt with), then this drama is for you.  I found it to be fun and light, perfect for summer!

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