Sunday, May 1, 2011

Cooking in the UK: Omurice

I decided to make a nice home cooked meal for the great girl I'm staying with here in England.  There was the obstacle to overcome that I cook a lot of elaborate Asian food . . . not conductive to tiny British Kitchens or to the lack of a wok . . .  and 1 small pot and 1 small frying pan.  Mik-bot love ketchup, so I decided to try and make some omurice. I used my normal recipe really, but with chicken . . . cooked in a pot.

What I did:

Cute and delicious . . .

Look a tiny dragon!

Pot of chicken . . .

Giant rice pot!

Look how good it turned out!
And for desert!
It worked pretty good.  Chicken and omelet were amazing.  Cooking it in a pot didn't seem to hurt it.  Mik-bot took one bit and said "this might be what Japanese kids think of for home cooking, but this is what my kinds are going to think of for home cooking."  I guess that means it is good!

Note:  I had to use a gas stove . . . I felt a bit like I was going to die, but it worked.


  1. I love omurice, wonder why I hardly ever make it. Thanks for reminding me! (Love lots of ketchup on it!)

  2. This sounds so good. I've never made it but I think I will now. BTW: I love gas ranges and would never go back to electric.

  3. wow, That looked really tasty. I guess you could wrap all sorts of filling in the egg.

  4. I would highly recommend it as a meal and you really can do what you want with it.

    @Beth F - I learned to love the gas range . . . even when the oven broke and we had to start lighting it with a lighter . . .