Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Omurice! - Japanese comfort food

One of my favorite meals to make is Omurice.  It is pretty much fried rice, ketchup, and omelet.  That doesn't make it sound very good, but it is delicious.  Originally I started with a recipe, but now I just make it however I want.  Just Hungry has a good version that feeds one . . . usually I have enough rice to make two meals and just make another omelet for the leftovers. 

Tonight I did the following.  First I fried up the onion on a little bit of oil.  While that was frying I cut up a bit of spam . . . I know the recipe says chicken, but I like spam and I had it.  I then dropped that in the pan. 
Starting to cook it up.
I fried it a little bit and then added a whole bunch of peas.  This usually makes me feel like its a more well rounded meal, after all it has onions, peas, and tomatoes (their in Ketchup).  Once that is all hot and together I add the rice.  I usually add about a cup or a cup and a half based on how much I have to mix into it.  When the rice is done make a omelet shaped mount on the plate.
Fried Rice
All mounded up for the omelet
Then I make the omelet.  I usually do two eggs, but occasionally three if I'm very hungry . . . or one if its for a bento or something.  Its a simple omelet, just salt and pepper.  Apparently there are styles where you keep it runny in the middle (this only works if you have a few eggs and a small heating surface).  Personally I like to make a non-runny omelet that is nice and flat and then flip it on top.  Then you add more Ketchup!

All stacked up

Ready to Eat!
See, whats not to like?  Apparently at high end places they make a sauce (for a discussion of this watch the Jdrama Lunch Queen and read my blog post about it).

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