Friday, June 10, 2011

Top New TV Shows 2011

I'm really looking forward to trying out a bunch of new shows this year.  I thought I'd share with you!  I'll start with an obvious one if you know me . . . or read the old blog part.

I would give this a try even without knowing anything about it other than that it has Jorge Garcia and J.J. Abrams in it.  But, I do know more and it sounds cool. 50 years ago all the prisoners in Alcatraz disappear . . . now they are coming back . . . but why? Watch the Trailer.

This is a cop drama . . . mixed with Grimms fairy tales.  I love fairy tales! Particularly the original dark Grimm ones.  They say it is going to be dark.  I'm excited.  I don't really know any of the actors involved, but I'm all for high concept shows.  Apparently it will show of Friday at 10 - which is a icky spot . . .

This one has a lot of hype lately, that makes me nervous.  But, it also has Jason O'Mara in it . . . yay! It will supposedly be on Mondays at 8, which is a much more acceptable time.  It is the story of the future where we killed the earth and so we  . . . time travel back to prehistoric earth . . . that bit bothers me a bit . . . I'm actually more cool with alien planets . . . but I'm willing to try.

Another sci-fi cop show.  With Jason Issacs.  So, there is this fatal car accident . . . that results in split reality for or lead (either his wife or teenage son has died).  I think it has similarities to Life on Mars . . . which got very sadly canceled.  I hope they have better luck.

So, Darling Ben from LOST is a computer genius who invents a computer program that predicts future crimes . . . he picks up a partner and tries to stop the crimes.

Another fairy tale show!  This one is a bit more  . . . in your face fairy tale.  The fairy tales are an alternative world and the characters are stuck over here having forgotten who they are . . . I don't have as much hope for this one . . . even if my beloved Robert Carlyle is in it.

A new comedy about a girl who is terrible with men and ends up living in a house full of men . . . who try to help her.  Not my normal type of show, but I do love Zooey Deschanel.  She is just too cute.  I hope it is actually funny.  The preview did make me laugh.

As you can see, I have a bit of a show type.  It is really just that I'll fit in this stuff.  I already have a medical show and a crime show etc.  I'm pretty excited.


  1. Cool...looks like interesting things, not the same old, rehashed reality tv. (Lurker from maangchi's site.)

  2. The only reality tv I watch is so you think you can dance and it is competition so I think it only kind of counts. Also, this two comments I think you qualify as a non-lurker