Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Edinburgh Castle!

A big attraction in Edinburgh is of course Edinburgh Castle.  I went the first day I got in and was a bit tired . . . and then it rain . . . well drizzled/rained.  Which one should expect in Scotland . . . that's what makes the whole country seem so Gothic.  I found the castle to be a bit over price . . . but it was the only one I visited this trip, so I decided it balanced out.  I honestly preferred the walk around the castle to the castle itself.
Coming up from the royal mile . . .clearly a popular spot.

The view.

The gate is guarded . . .

It has cliffs even on the inside!


Statue near the military museum . . .

It really is a large cannon

Tiny church!


Front of the monument

Great hall and stuff . . .

The gate is neat . . . again we are inside the castle here
 I decided to explore around the castle during the afternoon (I was sick of shopping).  The road will get you part way around and then there is like an awesome park walk!

Approaching the castle from the street . . . behind the royal mile.

Lots of nice buildings this part of town

Great view of the castle complex.

Another we are moving around to the park here.

This view could use some goats . . . I love goats.

Looking back on the park walk

I love all the black rocks!

It looks damp even when it isn't raining  . . .

The view away from the castle

Another great view - look sun!

Slightly different sunny view.

I highly recommend the walk around the castle.  Go in if your starving for a castle.  The gift shop is also quite nice.  But, it really isn't that great of a castle to roam around . . . I prefer my castles a bit fally-downy and treacherous.  I hope you get a chance to visit! 

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