Monday, June 20, 2011

Greyfriar's Cemetery Edinburgh

I'm going to try and get the rest of the posts and pics from England put up here.  I've been super busy teaching, but that is done now.  I'm free.  Well free for a week and then I'm in Japan for a month.  We will see what the internet access is like. 

Today your getting the super awesome Greyfriar's Cemetery(if you click on the link there is a nice little video) - home of Greyfriar's Bobby (who is a now deceased dog).  It really was one of the neatest things I did in Edinburgh.  If you visit I highly recommend it.  The coolest hat shop ever is also located quite nearby.
Entering through the small not very noticeable gate

Hope Bobby likes sticks

It is a real church still . . . one gets used to touring churchyards that are occupied by you know members and believers etc

I love skull and crossed bones!

Dancing Skeletons? Why not?

Cool tomb type graves, attached to the nice family houses and businesses

Yes that is someones actual window there.

They look like really nice fireplaces

Nice View

There is a statue in this one

graves everywhere!

Me and the graves

I think this one looks very fancy

Layers of graves

It really is a beautiful walk

The prison is looked so you can't get in.

Awesome vault

Nice ground stone

Enhanced my modern hands . . .

I imagine they have the bars to keep bums and teens out . . . and tourists

He's just relaxing.

Lovely lovely grounds

Church itself looks newish

Despite the high volume of pictures. It really isn't a huge churchyard.  Just a lovely one.  It is also a really pleasant way to spend and hour or so - for free.  I didn't read in this one.  I do love reading in cemeteries, quite and lovely.  You get less weird looks when you do it in the UK.

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