Sunday, June 19, 2011

Super 8 - Movie Review

I went and saw Super 8 this weekend.  It was really really good. Another JJ Abrams home run (and no I do not like everything he does so I'm not that biased.

It is a sci fi monster movie.  The plot is really well done making it more of a thriller kind of monster movie.  It has a really old time feel with this.  Not a lot of monster shots and there is a lot of non-monster movie time.  This is perfectly paced though, so you never go "I wish they would just get on with it." The movie is just very well written with great believable dialogue and a strong sci-fi plot with believable science.  It is set in the past and has great sets for this.  The casting is great with just great actors in all the roles.  Everyone fits their part.  The young cast making out the group of friends is perfect.

They writing is particularly good at this as they all feel like real boys you might meet.  The young cast is so excellent and the parts so well written that it is apt to remind you of Bad News Bears or Goonies.  Which is of course good.  I would really recommend it.  You don't have to be super in to sci-fi and don't worry it isn't super scary - thrilling - but not terrifying.

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