Sunday, July 17, 2011

Japanese Snack! - Marie Cookies?

I have a fun new snack to review.  This time its a bit of a snack cake/cookie.  I picked it as it had a picture of brie on the box . . . that just seems weird. All I know is that the box say Marie and shows wheat and brie. The wrapper calls it a cake . . .

The box containing 6 cookies.

Individual servings.

Smallish cookie.

The cookie is soft - like a soft sugar cookie.  It has a hint of a lemon taste.  I couldn't taste the brie in the cookie, but it was a bit of a rich creamy filling.  It tasted pretty much like a fatty sugary substance.  Overall, the flavor of the cookie was simply sweet.  So, it is a sweet cookie with a hint of lemon.  This was actually not to bad, just kind of mild.  A nice tea cookie I would think.


  1. It shows a wedge of what is likely Camembert, a common cheese in Japan for snacking. The Japanese just says "rich cheese", but I'm guessing the ingredients list might reveal a bit more.

    I've never seen these before (though I've seen Marie plain biscuits), but I can't say I'd buy them if I saw them. I'm not into the whole savory cheese in sweets thing!

  2. This looks like the vanila oreo cakesters that came on the market last year.

  3. Cute. Marie seems like an unlikely name for a Japanese person, or anyone else, to choose for a cookie. Although no stranger than madeleine, I guess.

  4. Interesting. Glad you decided to take a chance. I've never seen these.

  5. They really aren't to bad. Doesn't taste like savory cheese at all really.

  6. Also, it is my understanding that the only real difference between Brie and Camembert is size.