Sunday, July 24, 2011

JDrama: BOSS 2!

Ironically, being in Japan has really slowed my Jdrama schedule down.  The internet here is kind of slow.  Not in all of Japan, but on Rebun Island.  I did manage to get the last few episodes of BOSS 2. I loved the origianal (see my original review).  Everything good about the first one remains good. YAY! The line up is a bit different, but BOSS is still BOSS, which is all that maters.

You should definitely watch season 2 if you liked season 1.  If you haven't watched season 1 - what are you waiting for?  Watch it! Bonus point: Hasegawa kyoko from Dragonsukara is in it! (my review)

PS - the show doesn't do that much with personal development, but I really want Nodate and Boss to realize that they would be awesome together . . . I can be such a girl sometimes! 

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