Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Japanese Snacks!

I love odd snacks and I have long envied Orchid64 at Japanese Snack Review. Finally, I have a chance to eat some interesting things that I actually choose from a selection of things.  Hopefully we will have a follow up to this blog with even more food!
Fun assortment of stuff!

Kind of odd combo in my opinion.
 Banana = alright, Almond = pretty good, Strawberry = kind of icky, Carmel = pretty delicious

Not poop sticks
 This is a traditional Japanese snack.  Delicious burned sugar flavor!
Traditional son of a peach mochi
 Really really delicious.  Kind of a brown sugar tasting mochi.
Chocolate bar and chocolate sandwich!
 Tastes like a chocolate bar.
Not a frappe = blue Hawaii slushy
 Tastes like blue . . . but not raspberry

Tons of cakes!
I got a chestnut one!
Nice pleasant chestnut flavor.  I don't know why we don't make chestnut cakes.  Yum!

So, far all successful!


  1. I'm jealous of those mont blanc cakes! They look fabulous!

    If you want to do a guest post (or two or three) based on your snack experiences in Japan, I'd love to post them!

    Thanks for the mention! Enjoy your stay in Japan!

  2. That may be possible. I'm not sure if I've found any snacks worthy of your blog yet!