Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Vanished: Japan Part 1

I didn't really vanish.  I'm in Japan!  Yay!  Doing an excavation from the Jomon period on Rebun Island! Yay! Just got internet - despite being told there would be internet . . . boo! It also took use 4 days to get here due  to canceled flights.  All is well now. 

I'm still very very busy. But I thought I'd go for some fun pictures in clusters.  This first group is called - Rebun Island!
Baggage claim Wakkanai Airport - Seal-Nessy!
Real tiny seals.

Ferry to Rebun Island

Our futon beds! More comfy then they look.  The pillows are filled with small beads though.

Breakfast . . .

Yummy breakfast squid!  The seaweed has a sweet sauce!

Start of the site

Slow down for kids!


We totally mean it!

Campsite across from the hotel.

Lake something . . .


Beautiful path

More lake


Hotel is over there


Look English!

We call these kinds of stairs the stair of death!  Stairs of death!

Mount Rishi.

the ocean!

Found a kitten!

Walk to work

right by the ocean

Though some industrial stuff

with lots of small shacks

but its a nice road

For luck!

So, far Japan is great.  Even the rural bit is pretty interesting.  Nice hikes, good food, and nice people.  Most people here aren't used to foreigners so it is quite interesting.  I'm learning many words though I can't spell any of them!  No thanks had to be learned quickly or I would have exploded with food by now.  I'll post more on food later.  And on hikes.  And on the excavation!  I love my job.  Archaeology is very very fun.  Time to stop hogging the internet!

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