Sunday, July 24, 2011

Weird Japanese Food!

I've found some more weird Japanese food to review.  Today we have gum and chips.  Sounds like it would be normal right?  No.  First off the gum.  A nice offering by Recaldent and made by . . . Cadbury - yes Cadbury.
Not sure why it is smart . . . maybe the neat box makes it smart!

Make sure you toss out the wrapper . . . that is smart
The gum is grape flavored.  You can see from the wrapper that it is filled . . . filled with mint.  That is correct. Mint.  The minty flavor lasts just a bit and then the grape flavor sets in.  It is actually very present, though the flavor doesn't last particularly long.  It was strangely addicting.  Offering two. Pizza flavored chips (spicy!).
Calbee pizza potatoe chips!

Roast chicken?
Weird, but oddly appealing again.  The flavor is mainly of spice, tomatoes, and maybe a hint of cheese.  I'm not sure whats up with the chicken on the back. It did not taste of chicken.  They weren't too greasy which was nice.  Just a nice normal chip.  The spice wasn't too strong, but was noticeable. Yay!

Again - two good choices!


  1. Mint and grape? Yes, that qualifies as "weird" in my book, lol.

  2. Too funny -- Some days I could use a gum that would make me smart. Next time I travel I'm going to spend more time scouting out the snack food choices.

  3. grape...ok
    together...not sure about that.