Monday, August 15, 2011

Weird Wisconsin

Sorry I've been missing in action.  I got back to Edmonton from Japan for exactly 4 days - caught up on emergency work - did not catch up on what time or day my body was in.  Flew home to Wisconsin to visit the family - got stuck in the giant time vortex that is my parents house.  I'm just bad at doing anything that isn't visiting family or playing with my dog when I finally make it home to my parents house.  I need to begin documenting how odd it can be here.  So, that is the new plan - now that my body agrees with the universe that it is indeed Monday the 23 at 2:53pm - my body was originally going to say 3pm but it was still a bit ahead of itself.

My parents are without a doubt cooler and crazier people than me.  Really.  It is completely true.  So, we went on a road trip to find this place that was rumored to have car parts and a giant fiberglass gorilla.  What else would you do on a Saturday?

Schettl's Sales Inc

Me and the bulldog - I call him Duke

Giant flamingo

My parents for scale . . .

Nice giraffe family

eating the leaves

Me and the evil bunny of death!

You must never sit facing another near the evil bunny of death or he will become enraged . . .


Oh no!

Dad is hangin' with the pirates

Egyptian Gods chillin' in the living room
The place was crazy as advertised - I have never seen so much furniture from the 1980s - I probably did in the 80s but I was very young and dont remember.  My father say "I was expecting better. There wasn't even a gorilla."

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