Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Stewed Chicken of Mushroom Ramen

I decided to buy some on sale ramen at the T&T.  I know its terrible for me, but I like to eat it sometimes.  I ended up with this Stewed Chicken of Mushroom Ramen (yes that is what it actually says on it):
Exploring the Flavor of China
When I went to make it I learned there was no English instructions, no pictures, and nothing I recognized as numbers in what I assumed was the Chinese instructions. Luckily I have made ramen before and decided to wing it.  So, I boiled a small amount of water and cooked my noodles for 3 minutes, adding the multiple seasoning packets at the last minute.  I was a little worried about over cooking the noddles as they were rice noddles which I don't often make.
three packets and noddles . . .
I ended up with what turned out to be pretty good ramen though.  It is not ramen soup I ended up with just noddles, which is great for me as I don't eat the broth anyway.  It tastes like chicken (Not very strongly) and occasionally a bit of mushroom pushes through.
Still steaming!
I probably would not buy this again, but I'll definitely eat the rest of the packets.  The serving size is actually really large for ramen, which was also kind of nice.  I still much prefer picked mustard ramen (Check out that blog by clicking here).

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