Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Japanese Cemetery

One of the last things I did in Japan was go to the Cemetery.  I love cemeteries.  It is possible I have mentioned this in the past (See This).  I had some idea of the family style pattern I would find in the cemetery from my Jdramas, but I've never been to a Buddhist or Shinto cemetery (I don't know what this is, probably Buddhist).

The van as viewed through the shrine gates - you can see the ocean of course

it is a really pretty place

Nice new one

Another new one

awesome old one

Big awesome old one

mossy old one

a nice Buddha with this one

Another old one with a Buddha too

Nice association of stones

Very cool
It was a really lovely cemetery with a view of the sea situated on nice rolling hills near some large hills/small mountain. Just beautiful.  We also stopped at the marker for all the fisherman lost at sea, which I thought was particularly nice.  It is right on the edge of a cliff overlooking the sea. 
Perfect place.

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